PGM Darulaman Championship


After a couple of weeks performing below my best I was looking to finish this stretch of events on a high. This weeks tournament was played in Kedah, Malaysia at the Darulaman Golf & Country Club.

Getting my practice round in on the Tuesday (in between some of the heaviest rain I have seen) I liked what I saw and was confident that I could perform well and be in the mix come Saturday. It was a good layout with greens that were relatively slopey so it was going to be important to put the ball in the right spots to have good birdie opportunities.

2nd green during Tuesday’s practice round

After firing rounds of 72 (E) 72 (E) the first 2 days I found myself further back than what I wanted but still very much in the mix as the scores were tightly bunched. I created some opportunities the first couple of days but had let them slip by so was looking to take advantage over the last couple of rounds.

Unfortunately the weekend pretty much played out the same as Day 1&2. I probably hit the ball from tee to green a little better but really struggled on the greens and failed to really get anything going, whenever I felt like something was starting to build I would throw in a silly 3 putt or something  (5 x 3putts over last 2 days). Ended up shooting 71 (-1) 71 (-1) to finish the tournament at 286 (-2) and T-27th

Overall the last stretch of events certainly didn’t deliver the results I was aiming for, however with the disrupted preparation due to my bad back in Taifong and me not feeling that confident with my swing and game I am happy to have made the weekend at each tournament. Very pleased with how I was able to grind away in each event and it has shown me that even with my B and C games I can compete and be in the mix.

Back home now for 4 weeks before my next ADT event in Indonesia, will continue to work hard with the coach and be ready to fire in that event.

Charming Yeangder ADT


After a week in Thailand I found myself back in Taipei, this time I planned on getting out on course. The venue was the Linkou Golf Club just outside the main city, and it would prove to be a good test of golf.

This tournament was originally scheduled to be played earlier in the year, however due to unforeseen circumstances the greens were not in a playable condition, a few months later they were still not at their best but they had come along way. After a couple of looks at the course I had come up with a good game plan. This week patience was going to play a big factor, with the greens only running 7.5-8, lots of grain in them and a few leftover patches from the disease it was going to be hard to hold putts….but it’s the same for everyone.

Wasn’t completely happy with how I was swinging it during the practice days and found that I was a long way off my ‘A’ game but still felt I was good enough to compete and be in the mix.

As the week progressed I found my game slipping further and further away from where I was wanting it to go but I hung in there and grinded my backside off every shot. I must say it is probably the least comfortable I have been over the ball for sometime. Whilst it definitely wasn’t the week I was hoping for with my ball striking I was very happy with the way I was able to hang in for the 4 days and make the best possible score I could.

Ended up shooting scores of – 71 (-1) 68(-4) 75 (+3) & 73 (+1) to finish T-46th

Currently at the airport on my way to this week’s tournament in Malaysia. Looking to finish this stretch of events with a bang!

Thanks to the Yeangder Group and Charming Hotels for their sponsorship of last week’s tournament, both companies are heavily involved in golf in Taiwan and I look forward to coming back and competing later in the year.


Taifong Open & Betagro All Thai and Championship


It’s been an interesting 2 weeks to start the trip. After feeling great with my preparation back home I got to Taiwan with a little back injury, I thought with a little rest and lighter preparation I would be good to go come Thursday, Unfortunately this was not the case! I wasn’t able to swing with any freedom and there was a lot of discomfort in trying to do so. Being the beginning of a 4 tournament stretch I made the difficult decision to withdraw and focus on getting my body ready for the next 3.

After receiving some acupuncture and resting for 4 days I arrived in Thailand for my next tournament still feeling a little sore but definitely feeling better. This week I was lucky enough that the Tour had a physio on site, she turned out to be a saviour. After getting treatment each day and limiting my practice the back was starting to feel better as the week went on.

The tournament venue for the week was the Jack Nicklaus designed Laem Chabang Intrnational  Golf Club.  It was a beautiful facility which rewarded good play. My expectations had probably changed a bit after the interupted preparation, however I still felt I could post some competitive scores.

After playing really nicely the first 2 rounds I shot scores of 68(-2) & 68 (-2) to be sitting 28th. Felt my ball striking was really good both days and I created plenty of great opportunities but just failed to take advantage on the greens. Things went a little off course over the weekend, didn’t feel as comfortable over the ball and hit a few too many loose shots which ended up hurting and I really struggled on the greens. Ending up shooting 72 (+2) & 73 (+3) to finish the tournament on 281 (+1) and in 48th.

Not the result I was hoping for, however with the limited preparation I am happy to have finished 4 rounds with the body feeling better. I now fly to Taiwan for next week’s Charming ACT event, excited to be able to prepare as normal and looking forward to the week.

Still sitting in a good position on the OOM currently 6th.


Singha Phuket Open


Last weeks ADT event saw me in the beautiful Phuket, Thailand for the Singha Phuket Open, an event co-sanctioned with the All Thailand Tour & Asian Development Tour.

After a couple of weeks at home after my PNG trip I was ready to compete again and having never been to Phuket before I was excited to get there and see what it was like.

After arriving on Monday evening I got out on course Tuesday and played 9 holes followed by 18 holes on  Wednesday in the ProAm. Laguna Golf Course is a great facility, and although it is the beginning of wet season the course was in great condition and everything was in place for it to be a great week. My tee time for round 1 was 12:30pm and I was now ready to fire.

I got off to a great start and managed to ride the momentum all the way through the 4 rounds. Whilst I didn’t feel completely comfortable with my swing I was playing smart golf and picking my targets and keeping the ball in play and out of trouble.

I shot rounds of 62(-8) 69(-1) 64(-4) 64(-4) to finish 259(-21) and T-4th. Great to once again be in the mix on a Sunday. During the tournament I managed to only make 2 bogeys, which came on my 70th & 71st holes, was really pushing to keep them off the card for the 4 days but this is still my best result for a 4 round tournament. Throughout the week we had numerous rain delays due to storms ripping through however the course staff did a fantastic job of keeping the course in playable condition. Over the 4 days I received great support on course from some Aussies that live in Phuket as well as my playing partner from the Pro Am. It was great to have these guys out on course willing me on.

This result has kept me in 2nd position on the ADT Order of Merit after 5 events of the season. I now have 3 weeks at home to prepare for my next stretch which will feature 4 events in a row and 2 of the bigger tournaments for the year in Taiwan.





2 Weeks in PNG


The past 2 weeks I have been in PNG for 2 tournaments, I have played these events for many years now so I knew what to expect. Whilst it is a very different experience in PNG I have thoroughly enjoyed my time up there year after year, it certainly reminds me of how good we have it back here in Oz.

The first tournament was in Lae. I have had good results here in the past and I was confident with my game after my previous tournament in Malaysia just a couple of weeks before. After getting a look at the course in the Wednesday Pro Am I was ready to get out there and get started. The course was in great condition, probably the best I have seen it.

After opening with 2 solid rounds of 68(-3) & 67(-4) I found myself running about 20th and 6 off the pace. I knew that if I started to get hot over the weekend I was still within reaching distance of the leaders, it is a course where you can really get it going! Saturday was probably my best day of the week, played great from tee to green and really created alot of great opportunities. I ended up shooting 66(-5) but felt like I had really let a good one slide by…could have easily been 8 or 9 under with the chances I had. However I had still managed to make up ground on the leaders and was now only 2 shots behind. Felt really good on Sunday, was very happy with my game and was confident I could play well and give myself a good shot at winning. After a front 9 that could have been much better, I was -1 through 9 I found myself 5 behind with 9 to go. Played really nicely the back 9 for -4 but unfortunately came up a little short. Finished with a 66(-5) for a 4 round total of 267(-17) and a 3rd place finish. Was great to be in the mix again come Sunday and I found myself really comfortable throughout. Overall I was very happy with how the week in Lae turned out, and on Monday we traveled back to Port Moresby where my focus now shifted.

The Royal Port Moresby GC is I think, a much tougher layout than Lae. It is more undulating with more doglegs and the wind can get up quite a bit. This year the course was extremely dry, now while this made the course play a little shorter it also made it harder to hit fairways and your targets.

I was obviously full of confidence after the solid week before hand however this is a funny game and over the first few days I didn’t feel like I had as good a rhythm as I had in Lae. After shooting 72(E) on the first day I found myself in a big grind on day 2, sitting at +4 with 4 holes to go I rallied really hard and managed to birdie 2 of those holes to finish 74(+2) and make the cut on the number. Whilst I wasn’t happy with my game or score that day I was really pleased that I was able to hang in there and make the most of a tough day, days like this are often more beneficial down the track then the good ones.

Making the cut on the number I now had nothing to lose over the weekend. I knew I was playing well and that I was capable of going low, it was just a matter of giving myself the opportunities and staying patient. Over the weekend my game improved and I shot 67(-5) & 73(+1) to finish the tournament on 286(-2) T-17th. Happy with the week considering the first couple of days I was grinding pretty early.

Had an absolute ball for the 2 weeks and am very pleased with both results. Thanks to everyone in Lae and Port Moresby for getting behind the events, both events have such a great atmosphere and its great to be a part of.

I am now home for 2 weeks before heading to Thailand for my next ADT event on the 22nd May.

PGM UMW Championship


Well a busy month has just come to an end. It has seen me play events in Griffith, Leeton, Yenda, Wagga, Canberra (6 x events) and Malaysia.

The first few weeks saw me playing in the Riverina and ACT in various Pro Ams. Whilst I wasn’t able to get a Win on the board the events were a great lead up for my third ADT event the following week. My results were very steady, never really tore it up but didn’t shoot any high numbers either. It was a perfect lead up stretch of golf.

My third ADT event was held at the fabulous TPC Kuala Lumpur Golf Course. This is a absolutely fantastic venue, 36 holes with great practice facilities also. It actually holds a PGA Tour event on the West Course and an LPGA Event on the East Course (East was the course we played)

After driving back from Canberra on Sunday night I flew out Monday morning and arrived in KL early Monday night. I had a practice round organised for lunch time Tuesday so I checked into my hotel and got some much needed rest. As I found out as the week went on, my lunch time practice round was probably not the best time to play, at about 3pm whilst on the 12th hole a huge storm ripped through and put an end to seeing the last 6 holes. This was quite frustrating as its never nice having to play a course blind but thats what I was dealt so I just had to do it.

Teeing off early Wednesday morning in Round 1, conditions were perfect. After talking to some locals about the previous days storm I had been informed that they were a daily occurrence and that they would feature all through the week in the afternoons after 3pm…they certainly were on the money there. This turned out to be one of my longest weeks on course, everyday there were storm delays which resulted in having to go back the following morning to complete the round. The worst of them was the Friday (meant to be day 3), I still had 3 holes to play from my 2nd round so we got in position for a 7:30am start, completed those holes in 30mins and then had to wait to find out what time Round 3 would begin. 11am was my tee time so after waiting for a few hours I warmed up again and got my round going, however we could only play till 12:45pm, at this time we have to have a 2hour break for ‘prayer time’, unusual I know but thats what they do. So I played 8 holes in the 1hr45mins and came off for another break. After waiting around again for 90mins we could warm up again and be ready to go at 2:45pm. 5 holes into resumption the daily storm decided to show up, so off we go again. After waiting around for 2 hours to see if it would pass the storm was still around so they called the days play and we would be back again for a 7:30am start. So after being there from 6:30am till 6:30pm I had only managed to play 16 holes, certainly a very frustrating day but I was still feeling good with what was happening on course and was keen to get a interruption free day to finish. Finally managed to piece it all together on the final day. Played great from tee to green and took advantage of the opportunities I created, capped off my week with a 64(-7) which jumped me up to T-5th and only 2 shots out of the playoff. Very happy with the weeks work, it was a trying week with all the delays and I was very happy with how I was able to remain focused and relaxed through everything.

PGM UMW Championship – 69(-2) 69(-2) 72(+1) 64(-7) T-5th

Back home for 1 week before heading to PNG for 2 tournaments. Happy with where my game is at and looking forward to recharging the batteries and heading to PNG fresh and ready to go. Thanks to all my amateur playing partners I played with over the last month, certainly makes the Pro Ams very enjoyable.

All results are listed on Results page.

PGM Panasonic Champiinship

PGM CCM Seriemas Championship 2017

This week was my second ADT tournament for the year. After a successful tournament first up I have spent the past 3 weeks at home mixing up my time working on my game, doing a couple of shifts at PowerGolf and spending some quality time with the family.

I came back to Malaysia still full of confidence after my win and I was eager to compete again. The weeks venue was Kelab Golf Rhamen Putra, a well established course about 30mins out of KL.

Arriving very early Monday morning (3:30am) I had organised a light day of practice with 9 holes to finish. On Tuesday I got stuck into it properly, a practice session followed by my final look at the 18holes. My swing over Monday/Tuesday didn’t feel great and I was struggling to find a good rhythm, however I was very happy with my game plan and I was confident I could take advantage of the course. Whilst it wasn’t a overly long layout there was a premium for hitting the ball in the fairway, it was rather  difficult to get the ball close from the rough.

Unfortunately hitting fairways is something that I struggled with across the 2 days, only hiting 7 of 28….this made it extremely difficult for me to create any real opportunities. In the end I shot rounds of 75 (+3) & 72 (E) to MC. Really disappointed to have this result this week as I was looking to keep my momentum going…but I never felt comfortable with my game.

As bad as my swing felt for the 2 days I know its not that far away and I was happy with the way I hung in there on day 2 after getting off to a horrible start (+4after 5 holes). Over the last few months in particular I have been able to limit the damage done on days that I feel off, this is a great sign as I am now managing myself on course much better and not shooting myself out of the tournaments.

About to fly back to Sydney now where I will arrive back about 8pm, head home for a few hours sleep then jump in the car first thing tomorrow morning and drive to Canberra for the Ricky Stuart Foundation Charity Pro Am. Will drive back Tuesday morning for the first round of the Sydney Invitational which is played from Tuesday-Thursday at NSW GC, St Michaels GC and The Lakes GC…..looking forward to a great week of golf and posting some solid scores!

PGM CCM Seriemas Championship

20170121_200547WOW….what a feeling!!

After a tough and long 3 weeks on the road my trip has come to the best possible conclusion, my first 4 round tournament win.

This weeks event was the first for the 2017 ADT season. Whilst the disappointment of missing out at Q School was still fresh in my mind I headed to Malaysia full of confidence knowing my game was in good shape. The Kota Seriemas Golf Club was the venue for the tournament and although it had only been open about 4 months it presented beautifully. After a couple of looks at the course Monday/Tuesday I was happy with my strategy and game plan and it was now time to get it going.

Day 1: 64 (-8)

Day 2: 72 (E)

Day 3: 68 (-4)

Day 4: 71 (-1)

Total 275 (-13)

My round 1 score obviously got me off to the best possible start, I played great from tee to green and took advantage with the putter accordingly. The 64 gave me a 3 shot lead.

Day 2 was my worst score for the week, however looking back now I feel as though this was my most important day. Its always tough backing up a low score and I never really felt that comfortable out there, it was extremely hot and humid and I got off to a slow start. But I was extremely proud of the way I hung in there and ground out EVEN par as it could have quickly gone a couple of shots the other way. I managed to keep my lead but it was now down to 1.

Day 3 was a nice turn around in ball striking. Felt like I got my rhythm back on the range in the warm up and took it out on course with me. Managed to limit the mistakes and shot a very comfortable bogey free 68…..enough to maintain my 1 shot lead heading into the final day.

Day 4…..having the lead heading into the final round is something that I have only been exposed to a couple of times before, and whilst on those occasions the result didn’t go my way I feel as though they played a big part in todays result. I was obviously a little nervous, but throughout the day I managed to keep the nerves in check and felt like I was in good control over what was happening. Stuck to my game plan which had worked nicely throughout the week and executed the right shots when needed.

This is a great springboard for 2017. It sets me up to have a good crack at making the main Asian Tour. There are a couple of ways that can be achieved, win 3 times on the ADT for automatic battlefield promotion or finish Top 5 on the ADT Order of Merit at years end.

This has been a long time coming and there have been many people involved along the way, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the ongoing support and encouragement, I really appreciate it…..this WIN is just the beginning.

Fly back tomorrow and have a few weeks off before my next event. My next events will be

15th-18th February – PGM Panasonic Malaysia Championship (ADT)

20th February – Ricky Stuart Foundation Charity ProAm

21st-23rd February – Sydney Invitational @ The Lakes, NSW & St Michaels (still needing 1 amateur partner for this if anyone is keen)

For full scores from the event click the below link



Final Stage Asian Q School


After my solid finish in the first stage I was feeling good about my game and I was ready to tackle the next hurdle. The final stage was to be held over 2 golf courses at Suvarnabhumi Golf Club, the West/North course which I played last week and the South/East course which I was yet to see. A relaxing day on the Sunday followed by 2 solid practice rounds on the South/East course Monday/Tuesday I was still feeling good with my game and how the course set up for me. The South/East course was alot wetter than the other layout which was good as it made it play much longer and there was a premium for hitting in in the fairway, which if you did you still had numerous scoring opportunities.

This weeks scenario was a little harder than last weeks, 222 guys teeing it up with the top 35 and ties after 4 days earning their Asian Tour card. However, a scenario I was still confident of achieving.

After a couple of days rain Monday and Tuesday we were presented with perfect conditions on Wednesday morning…….it was now show time!!

Day 1: 70 (-2)

Day 2: 70 (-2)

After 2 days the field was cut to the top 100 and ties, I made this on the number. Although only just making the cut the field was extremely bunched and I was only 3 shots out of the top 35.

Day 3: 69 (-3)

Day 4: 69 (-3)

Total: 278 (-10) T-66th

Just fell a little short.

Ended up missing out on my tour card by 4 shots. Fairly disappointed as my ball striking for the week was great (maybe even a little better than the first stage) but my putter for the 4 days went ice cold. Still overall a very good 2 weeks for me, it has confirmed in my mind that I do belong out here and that I can compete at this level no dramas.

Whilst not earning any status on the main tour I have managed to secure playing rights on the Asian Development Tour for 2017, I will look at playing as many of these events as I can throughout the year as its a good way to play yourself onto the main tour. The top 5 players from the end of year Order of Merit earn main tour status and the top 25 players on the Order of Merit earn a place at final stage of Q School in 2018.

This week I am in Malaysia for the first event of the ADT season. Excited to have the opportunity to play another 4 round event and looking forward to keeping my good form going.

A full list of Asian Development Tour events can be found at the below link.

Big thanks to everyone for the messages of support and encouragement. Looking to make 2017 a massive year.


First Stage Asian Q School Complete✔✔✔


It’s been a big week since arriving in Bangkok last Saturday. I arrived in town with plenty of time for myself to get a good look at the course and get familiar with the conditions. I immediately felt  comfortable with the layout and thought that it was going to be a fun track to play.

Trying to take as relaxed approach as possible into the week my game and mind were feeling solid during my practice rounds and it was now time to get stuck in.

The scenario was….121 guys teeing it up with the top 26 and ties after 4 rounds advancing through to final stage next week. I had a good game plan, now was the time to execute.

Conditions were just perfect each day, a little breeze which helped cool it down a bit with a golf course in great condition….perfect for some good scores.

Day 1: 69 (-3)

Day 2: 65 (-7)

Day 3: 69 (-3)

Day 4: 69 (-3)

Total: 272 (-16) T-9th

Mission accomplished!!

My game felt really solid all week, created numerous opportunities throughout and managed to limit the damage each time i did hit a poor shot. Overall felt really comfortable on the greens all week, the putter went a little cold in the last round however i was still hitting some decent putts.

Now have a few days before the final stage begins, will take it pretty easy tomorrow and then get stuck into practice rounds Monday/Tuesday. The final stage is played at 2 venues, 1 that i played this week and the other golf course at the same venue, i will be focusing my practice on the course that i haven’t seen as i am feeling really good on the course from this week.

For full results from this week click on the link below