After having a little bit of time off after my last stretch in Asia the last few weeks have been pretty steady with Pro Ams up around the Central and North Coast. The disappointment of my last stretch in Asia still hurts and I am keen to turn my form around and finish the year on a high. Its been great being at home with the girls and they managed to take my mind off my poor finish over there.

I certainly feel like my game has steadied ship however I am failing to capitalize on a the good things I am doing. In alot of rounds I am putting myself in a great position but making sloppy mistakes which end up hurting alot as the Pro Ams are generally 1 round events. Very frustrating, it feels like I am getting beaten up every round and I have had the worse score I could have…but there are so many more positives as well. Feel like I am so close to putting it all together and getting the results I feel I should be having.

Recent results

Hawks Nest Pro Am – 74(+2) 16th

Muree Pro Am – 70(-1) 16th

Nelson Bay Pro Am – 77(+5) & 71(-1) 20th

Wyong Pro Am – 74(+3) 36th

Shelly Beach Pro Am – 72(+1) 11th

Kooindah Waters Pro Am – 75(+3) 17th

Morisset Pro Am – 71(-1) & 74(+2) 16th

Castle Hill Pro Am – 70(+2) & 67(-1) 8th

My game has been much more consistent which is what I was really lacking in my last stretch of events, I have managed to tighten it up, there is still more work to be done but I can now see that I am moving back in the right direction. My confidence is still a little low but I think that once I get a good round under my belt (one that I really finish off) it will give me the boost that I am needing.

My plans for the remainder of the year have now shifted a little as my time over in Asia on the ADT has finished for the moment. 2018 wasn’t that kind to me over there and I wasn’t able to carry last years form into any of the events I played. I also missed a large portion of the events which then caused me to apply too much added pressure on myself in the events I did play in. I’m certainly not done over there by any means, my win last year will still give me a Winners category in 2019 so I can play any of the events I want. 

My focus will now shift back to events in Australia, I will attempt to Pre Qualify for both the NSW & Australian Opens which I would dearly love to play. I will then head to Australian Q School in December and look to get my category back on the Australasian Tour for 2019. I am also looking at potentially heading to PGA Tour China in early 2019, the tour over there has grown over the past 4 years and Is now a place where you can play 12-15 events for decent money.

Below is a link to my upcoming schedule


Great time of year to really get stuck into the practice and playing with the warmer weather and longer days. It doesn’t take much to turn things around and whilst I don’t feel completely happy with how this year has gone so far it can all change in 1 week!!





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