What a crap way to finish this stretch of events. Being back at a venue where I had a good result last year I was confident of playing well again.

What happened over the 2 days which led to a MC shooting 75 (+5) & 71 (+1) had me feeling the most frustrated I have been on a course for some time. Looking back at it now after a couple of days off I realised that whilst I did hit some horrible golf shots there where still stretches where I played pretty nicely, however when I was playing I did not acknowledge these periods, I was very caught up in the bad stuff. Normally I handle myself on course very well, stay patient and remain very positive but these 2 days were very different. I was very frustrated and emotional after every shot and at times I felt like I was fighting a losing battle….this is not what I normally do.

I feel that this being the last event after being on the road for 6 weeks it was a combination of poor play, a bit of fatigue and 6 weeks worth of frustration coming out . Back home now for a few days to recharge and refocus and get ready to go again next week. The beauty of this game is that now that week is over I can move forward and prepare better for the upcoming events.20180508_154117.jpg

I will be back in Bangkok, Thailand next week for the Betagro Championship.

Looking forward to turning the form around.

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