Well it’s been quite a busy month. After falling sick and having to withdraw from the PGM Sabah Championship I recovered in time to compete the following 3 weeks.

First up was the PGM Labuan Championship. The course was pretty demanding with a lot of jungle either side of the fairways. It required you to keep the ball in play otherwise it was a reload. Throughout the week I struggled to keep it in play consistently, I would play a decent stretch of holes then hit a couple of poor shots and rack up a big number. Shot scores of 77, 75, 74, 74 to finish T-39th


Next up was the PGM MNRB Championships in Sarawak. The course was located in an amazing spot, it had 4-5 holes along the beach and the rest located at the base of some surrounding mountains. It was fairly wet as there had been a large amount of rain in the evenings and we had a massive 6.5hour rain delay on the morning of the second day. The course though held up pretty well, it’s quite amazing how well the greens drain after so much water.

My game was fairly steady  the first couple of days without it feeling that good, i shot scores of 73 & 71 to sit about 20th. Unfortunately the last 2 rounds were similar to the previous week, I would play a decent stretch of holes and then make a big number which I couldn’t recover from. Shot scores of 79 & 77 to finish 43rd.

The final event of this stretch was held in Bali at the fantastic New Kuta Golf Club. It was my first time to Bali and I was blown away with how good the golf course was. Situated right on the coast line it was a solid test of golf which demanded complete control of your shots. The 3 signature holes 14,15 and 16 were right on The coast with no protection from the wind and they provided an unbelievable outlook.

My game started to feel a little bit better during my practice rounds and I was excited to get the week underway. The first day played very difficult as the wind was up for most of the day around 40-50km/hr, however surprisingly the last 3 days the wind was nowhere near as hard.

I shot scores of 79,70,71 & 72 to finish in T-38th. My last 8 holes on the first day really made it difficult for me to be in the mix, after starting the round really solid I played the last 8 holes in +8. My whole 3 weeks was really summed up in my last round though, I shot 72 (+1) but I had 2 triple bogies and 1 double bogey. It was either really good or really bad.

16th tee shot
15th green
15th approach
View from 14th green

Overall the 3 week stretch was not what I was hoping for. It is the first time this year that I have felt very uncomfortable out on course for a long period of time and my confidence levels were extremely low with every part of my game. Happy to have grinded out 3 solid rounds to finish in Bali after the disapointing finish on Day 1.

Looking back I think I put to much pressure on myself to perform well, as we are nearing the end of the year I really wanted to play well to move back into the Top 5 on the OOM.

I am back in Sydney for 5 days before heading back for another stretch of 3 events in a row. I will play in Malaysia, Pakistan and Malaysia. Will do some work on the game this week with the coach and will try and take a more relaxed approach into the final 6 events of the year. I am confident that if I play anywhere near my best golf in the remainder of the events I will be in the mix.

A big thanks to Karen & Bob Laing for coming all the way to Bali to support me, especially Bob who caddied for me everyday in very difficult conditions.


One thought on “PGM Labuan Championship, PGM MNRB Championship & Combiphar Players Championship

  1. Hi Martin, all you can do is keep the mind set positive to reduce the off line shots.I have put a temporary practice net at home and find that my ball striking is getting slowly better. i played in the final of the Handiskins last Saturday but kinda choked on a five and six header for almost a $500 pool.Possibly tried to play too conservatively rather than knock the flag out. Keep up the good form and trust you can return to some sub par rounds to boost the confidence. Cheers Leon Camp


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