Well a busy month has just come to an end. It has seen me play events in Griffith, Leeton, Yenda, Wagga, Canberra (6 x events) and Malaysia.

The first few weeks saw me playing in the Riverina and ACT in various Pro Ams. Whilst I wasn’t able to get a Win on the board the events were a great lead up for my third ADT event the following week. My results were very steady, never really tore it up but didn’t shoot any high numbers either. It was a perfect lead up stretch of golf.

My third ADT event was held at the fabulous TPC Kuala Lumpur Golf Course. This is a absolutely fantastic venue, 36 holes with great practice facilities also. It actually holds a PGA Tour event on the West Course and an LPGA Event on the East Course (East was the course we played)

After driving back from Canberra on Sunday night I flew out Monday morning and arrived in KL early Monday night. I had a practice round organised for lunch time Tuesday so I checked into my hotel and got some much needed rest. As I found out as the week went on, my lunch time practice round was probably not the best time to play, at about 3pm whilst on the 12th hole a huge storm ripped through and put an end to seeing the last 6 holes. This was quite frustrating as its never nice having to play a course blind but thats what I was dealt so I just had to do it.

Teeing off early Wednesday morning in Round 1, conditions were perfect. After talking to some locals about the previous days storm I had been informed that they were a daily occurrence and that they would feature all through the week in the afternoons after 3pm…they certainly were on the money there. This turned out to be one of my longest weeks on course, everyday there were storm delays which resulted in having to go back the following morning to complete the round. The worst of them was the Friday (meant to be day 3), I still had 3 holes to play from my 2nd round so we got in position for a 7:30am start, completed those holes in 30mins and then had to wait to find out what time Round 3 would begin. 11am was my tee time so after waiting for a few hours I warmed up again and got my round going, however we could only play till 12:45pm, at this time we have to have a 2hour break for ‘prayer time’, unusual I know but thats what they do. So I played 8 holes in the 1hr45mins and came off for another break. After waiting around again for 90mins we could warm up again and be ready to go at 2:45pm. 5 holes into resumption the daily storm decided to show up, so off we go again. After waiting around for 2 hours to see if it would pass the storm was still around so they called the days play and we would be back again for a 7:30am start. So after being there from 6:30am till 6:30pm I had only managed to play 16 holes, certainly a very frustrating day but I was still feeling good with what was happening on course and was keen to get a interruption free day to finish. Finally managed to piece it all together on the final day. Played great from tee to green and took advantage of the opportunities I created, capped off my week with a 64(-7) which jumped me up to T-5th and only 2 shots out of the playoff. Very happy with the weeks work, it was a trying week with all the delays and I was very happy with how I was able to remain focused and relaxed through everything.

PGM UMW Championship – 69(-2) 69(-2) 72(+1) 64(-7) T-5th

Back home for 1 week before heading to PNG for 2 tournaments. Happy with where my game is at and looking forward to recharging the batteries and heading to PNG fresh and ready to go. Thanks to all my amateur playing partners I played with over the last month, certainly makes the Pro Ams very enjoyable.

All results are listed on Results page.

2 thoughts on “PGM UMW Championship

  1. Good Luck in PNG Dive…I have been following your progress for a while now, silently but following non the less….hope the year brings you much success.


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