The time has come and I am ready to go.

It has been a really good few weeks leading up to this point and I am really happy with where my game is at. Have made some great progress with Gary and am getting more and more confidence each day.

Whilst I haven’t had any real competitive rounds to play….only the Ryde-Parramatta ProAm which I finished T-10th shooting 73(+2) I have been trying to play alot were I focus on scoring.  In that time I have had some great rounds and in particular found myself making alot of birdies which is always a good sign.

Really excited to get over there and embrace the opportunity, I am confident my previous experience at the event is going to hold me in good shape and I am more comfortable with where my game is at.

First stage starts on Wednesday 4th and is 4 rounds with roughly 23 players advancing through to the final stage. For all results they can be found at

I look forward to posting good results.

Happy New Year and good golfing in 2017!!!

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