After the disappointment of not qualifying for the Open I have managed to have a really productive week of practice and have started to get some really great feels with my game.

At my previous lesson we established that I had fallen back into some old habits, whilst this is frustrating I know how to Fix it and I was able to get to work straight away. Some solid range sessions early in the week had me feeling a little closer but still not quite there, but I was keen to see how it went on the course. Over the years I have found that I like to do a lot of work ‘on course’ this way I can put the changes straight to the test and see how they stand up. A game in the members comp at Ryde-Parramatta on the Wednesday followed by the tiger tee challenge at Terrey Hills on the Friday (thanks for the invite AJ) gave me a couple of good challenges to see where it was at. The good feelings I had created on the range were definitely evident however it certainly was not as comfortable as it was on the range….but it was good progress.

My normal Saturday morning meet up with Gary was off this week due to his commitments with other players playing in the Australian Open, so I decided to get another game in at Ryde-Parramatta. Not sure what it was but woke up Saturday morning feeling really good and positive. A good warm up on the pitching range had me quietly confident that something had clicked. Now I know it’s only a members comp and its completely different to tournament Play but the 18holes that followed were some of the best golf I have played for some time, hitting 18/18 greens in regulation for one of the easiest 65’s I have shot. Great to feel in complete control again and to shape the ball as I wanted.

Over the next few weeks will continue to play in some club comps to see where the game is at, also find this is great way to keep me in a nice relaxed state of mind whilst playing. Have a pro am at Elanora next Friday and looking forward to the test, going off past experience they love to set the course up tough.


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