This weeks event is one of the biggest weeks of the year for any Australian Professional golfer. The chance to play in your national championship is something we all want to do. For me to do so, I had to go through qualifying on Monday at Carnarvon GC,  75 guys teed it up with the top 3 scores gaining a start.

I have played Carnarvon GC a million times, so I was very comfortable with the layout and what the best plan of attack was going to be. As it is in any round of golf a good start to the day gets you tracking in the right direction, this is even more so in a qualifying round as it is only 18 holes and mistakes can be very costly come days end. After a good warm up session it was time to get out there.

Unfortunately that good start I was talking about didn’t happen, a few little mistakes early had me behind the 8 ball at +1 after 6 holes. However, I knew if I could string some good shots together there are a lot of birdie opportunities out there. Over the next 12 holes I did create some good opportunities but I threw in too many poor shots which wiped out all of the good stuff. Overall a very up and down down finishing with 74(+2). The game was just not sharp enough, too many little mistakes made it very hard to get anything going. Disappointing as I would have loved to tee it up this week at Royal Sydney.

My focus now shifts to qualifying schools, I have 3 Pro Ams remaining (Elanora ProAm, WAGS ProAm @ Terrey Hills and Ryde-Parramatta ProAm) before heading to Thailand for the first of the Q Schools, Asian Tour Qualifying. My game is feeling very close, each round I am playing some great stretches of golf, I just need to sharpen up around the edges and limit the damage.

Will keep you posted over the next few weeks leading up



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