Pre Q’s are never much fun, especially when there are only 2 spots for 60 guys. That was my scenario today out at Glenmore Heritage GC.

Knew that it was going to take a good score to qualify so I set out to take care of business. I have been victim in the past of pushing too hard in events like this and trying to force the score, but now realise that you stick to a smart game plan and you can make it happen.

Very much an up and down day overall, created alot of good opportunities through some great shots however threw in some very poor shots also… unfortunately there was no in between. Made 1 eagle and 3 birdies for the day to shoot 71(-1), but that was not enough with the 2 best scores being 68(-4)

Now have the week off tournaments to work on the game, will target short game and putting in particular before teeing it up next Monday in the Australian Open qualifying at Carnarvon GC.

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