On paper Chatswood Golf Club looks like a short ‘easy’ golf course….this couldn’t be further from the truth. Over the course of the round you are required to hit shots with every club in your bag and its very much a premium to hit the ball in the fairways, stray offline and you will most probably be reloading.

Arriving at the course I was feeling great and excited about what the day was going to bring, I have played the course numerous times and was confident with the game plan I had chosen.

Hitting a few loose shots early that just missed my target I was behind the eight ball early and felt like I was chasing most of the day. Did a lot of good things throughout the round however whenever i felt like I was gaining some momentum I would hit another loose shot and make the worst result possible.

Not the result I was hoping for however will focus on all the good things I did over the course of the round and move forward.

I ended up shooting 71(+6) to finish T-27th. Overall the course beat the pros today, only 2 players out of 50 broke par.

My next event is tomorrow at the Asquith ProAm.



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